Entertainment Trades

MBC has worked closely with Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, The Wrap, Screen Daily and other domestic and international entertainment trades for many years and has engendered strong relationships with editors and reporters as well as the sales and marketing staffs. Those relationships help us achieve the best possible placement for client stories, obtain preferred advertising rates and premium positions at no extra cost, and help to get your personnel involved in important industry functions, seminars, symposiums, events, etc. An open flow of communication between MBC and client keeps us informed of major company activities and enables MBC to identify opportunities for media placement. Whether it be the optioning of a property, bringing on a key crew member on a film or television series, closing a network or distribution deal…the more aware MBC is of a client’s current dealings, the more effective we can be in suggesting when and how and to which media outlet we should go with a story.

Entertainment Media

MBC’s diverse client background has encompassed film, television, theater, and non-profits, and so we have done many stories and built strong relationships with numerous entertainment publications (Entertainment Weekly), television shows (ET, Access Hollywood), and general consumer outlets (People, In Style, Vanity Fair). As we become increasingly familiar with a client, we can formulate pitches for these important media or include your company in trend stories and round-up stories that are already underway.

Business Media

The bulk of MBC’s roster is composed of corporate entertainment clients so the company has worked extensively with business magazines (Fortune, Fast Company, Business Week), cable business networks (CNBC), business news services (Bloomberg), and business newspapers (The Wall Street Journal).

Social Media and Interactive Marketing

We can work with your team to manage your presence in the digital environment or we can direct your social media efforts entirely and provide you with a turnkey level of service for Facebook, Twitter and other interactive outlets. We identify an array of audiences whom we can address directly through our interactive marketing activities to develop strategies for building brands via a variety of diverse campaigns.

Unit Publicity

MBC can manage your on-set publicity needs, whether here in Los Angeles or in other locations. We can handle the pre-production publicity in-house and can vet and submit for your approval our recommended choices for unit publicist on any given project, who would work under our direction.

Talent Relations

Your projects will be attracting A list talent both in front of, and behind the camera. We work daily with all the major talent and management firms and have expertise in dealing with creative talent, whether it be an actor, director, writer, etc. We want you to feel comfortable that we would represent you in the same caring and professional manner with which you conduct your business dealings.

Press Materials

Preparation of compelling, informative press kits for online and hard copy application is the essential building block for any corporate public relations campaign. It is critical in this process to invest the time and energy to identify and articulate clear and focused corporate messaging which will ultimately pay valuable dividends in the media marketplace.

Festivals & MarketsMBC can help you create or maximize your presence at the world’s film and television markets and festivals. Whether it’s MIP or CANNES, SUNDANCE or AFM, we’ve worked extensively preparing clients for all the major markets and festivals.

Community Outreach

A vital entertainment company can have so much impact on its community, both from a corporate perspective as well as with individual projects. MBC works with clients to expand on existing programs and devise additional initiatives which give back to the community and help to create enhanced life value for employees and crews.